A Half Day

Pingping (瓶瓶) is a software engineer, as thousands of other software engineers, everyday he codes, everyday he gets bugs, so everyday he de-bugs.

Today is just a normal day that every normal software engineer would normally have.                                                  

This afternoon, when testing his software, trying to save something he randomly typed in windows notepad, he encountered an error. To confirm, he restarted a new instance of windows notepad, and got the same error.

It's an obvious bug.

So he debug.

Soon he was absorbed in his interesting enterprise of debugging. One round after another, every restart he typed something to verify, until the end of the bug.

It was already mid-night. On his computer's screen, was a long log in windows notepad.

I’m too somehow a night bird. When I occasionally saw it and thought it was interesting, then I made a copy, because I know, pingping is a guy who is always seeing forward, he would let it go and ghost his test system to a fresh, with all data destroyed.

So luck for you, here's the log, also for pingping if he isn't coding or debugging right now.

Round 1, 2012/12/07 13:06
Hi buggy, I'm waiting for you … 
Round 2, 2012/12/07 13:10
Now we are acquainted. But I still don’t know where you are from and when you arrive here. Tell me your story, let me know you, Pleaseeeee !

Round 3, 2012/12/07 13:17
You are really a hard nut, just my taste, I'm nailing up you.

Round 4, 2012/12/07 13:26
Huh, you are so deeply hid. But anyway, it's just a matter of time for me to get you, shorter or short, haha.

Round 5, 2012/12/07 13:39
What a doggy luck you have today ! But you are almost running out of it, I'm sure of that.

Round 6, 2012/12/07 14:02
Ok, fine, fine, you are good, really good. Unfortunately, I will NOT give up.

Round 7, 2012/12/07 14:30
Now I know you better, know you more. Don't bother to hide any more.

Round 8, 2012/12/07 14:37
You are good at hiding, but remember I'm damn good at seeking, top level in the world.

Round 9, 2012/12/07 14:52
Once i catch you, I'll screw your neck, and squeeze your head. So pray now before it's too late.

Round 10, 2012/12/07 15:09
pang !

Round 11, 2012/12/07 15:29
peng !

Round 12, 2012/12/07 15:40
bang !

Round 13, 2012/12/07 16:01
Yes, I'm still here, with full eyes on you. You, little damn buggy, show yourself !

Round 14, 2012/12/07 16:20
bang ……

Round 15, 2012/12/07 16:32
peng ……

Round 16, 2012/12/07 16:50
pang ……

Round 17, 2012/12/07 17:03
Ah, finally, I got you. now you know I'm a damn good seeker.

Round  18, 2012/12/07 17:09
Hurrah !

Round  19, 2012/12/07 17:16
Yippee, did one more test just to confrim. I'm quite satisfied of your disapperance.


Round 20, 2012/12/07 18:00
I'm back, little buggy, are you there ?

Round 21, 2012/12/07 18:15
I'm back again, little buggy, can you hear me ?

Round 22, 2012/12/07 18:20
where are you ? playing with another software engineer ? is he cool ?

Round 23, 2012/12/07 18:25

Round 24, 2012/12/07 18:30
I know now, just because of the half day we stay together, a bug is not only a bug, but a present of a secret. Of all bugs, you are the secret of all secrets.

Round 25, 2012/12/07 18:40
I … I,  starts missing you.  

Round 26, 2012/12/07 19:00
Hi there, if you can hear me. I'm here to say goodbye. I must go now, another bug was just coming. For the first time of the life, I just feel so sad to leave. May I see you again ?

< Dec. 07 night, on the train from Beijing to Jining Shandong. >

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上周在XP系统上测试一个驱动的时候,发现驱动加载不上,“net start”命令只是给出一个无意义的错误代码,驱动的DriverEntry()入口程序还没有得到机会运行。



_chkstk Routine is a helper routine for the C compiler. For x86 compilers, _chkstk Routine is called when the local variables exceed 4096 bytes; for x64 compilers it is 8K.

当编译器察觉到局部变量太大超过限值时(X86系统限值是4K,X64t系统上是8K), 编译器会自动插入_chkstk这个函数以保证栈空间所使用页面在内存中。






  1. 1,分配栈空间所需的虚拟内存,大小为Stack Reserve Size
  2. 2,根据Stack Commit Size锁定内存页面,如果Stack Commit Size小于Stack Reserve Size的话,需要增加一个Page,这个额外申请的Page用作Guard Page之用。
  3. 3,将栈底部的Page设定为Guard Page。

当用户栈被用尽时,会访问到栈底部的Guard Page。而对Guard Page的任何访问都会导致Page Fault的发生。Page Fault处理函数MmAccessFault()可以分析出此次Page Fault是由Guard Page导致,便会默认由用户栈处理程序MiCheckForUserStackOverflow()来处理。如果用户栈并没有溢出的话,即Stack Commit Size小于Stack Reserve Size的情况,MiCheckForUserStackOverflow()会自动向下扩展栈空间,扩展大小为GUARD_PAGE_SIZE。 GUARD_PAGE_SIZE针对不同的CPU架构有不同的定义:
X64:  #define GUARD_PAGE_SIZE   (PAGE_SIZE * 2)


说到此处,该是解答_chkstk()倒底是干什么的时候了。Visual Studio中有_chkstk的源码,以x86为例:

labelP  _chkstk,       PUBLIC

        push    ecx                          ; save ecx
        cmp     eax,_PAGESIZE_     ; more than one page requested?
        lea     ecx,[esp] + 8           ;   compute new stack pointer in ecx
                                                   ;   correct for return address and
                                                   ;   saved ecx
        jb      short lastpage           ; no


        sub     ecx,_PAGESIZE_          ; yes, move down a page
        sub     eax,_PAGESIZE_          ; adjust request and...

        test    dword ptr [ecx],eax     ; ...probe it  (如果是guard page,刚会导致page fault,最终用户栈
                                                        ;  将向下扩展一个页面)

        cmp     eax,_PAGESIZE_          ; more than one page requested?
        jae     short probepages          ; no

        sub     ecx,eax                  ; move stack down by eax
        mov     eax,esp                 ; save current tos and do a...

        test    dword ptr [ecx],eax     ; ...probe in case a page was crossed
                                                        ;  调用函数将要访问的堆栈底部 ,如果此页面为guard page,同
                                                        ;  样会导致用户栈的向下延伸

        mov     esp,ecx                        ; set the new stack pointer
                                                        ; 向下更改栈指针,其上直到原ESP的栈空间为调用函数局部变量

        mov     ecx,dword ptr [eax]     ; recover ecx
        mov     eax,dword ptr [eax + 4] ; recover return address
                                                            ; 将返回地址(调用函数中)放入eax

        push    eax                     ; prepare return address
                                              ; 将返回地址(调用函数中)放入当前栈中,准备返回

                                              ; ...probe in case a page was crossed


_chkstk()的主要作用是保证栈向下连续的生长。如果没有_chkstk(),当局部变量太多并超过guard page下沿时,若再有压栈操作,将会导致Access violation错误。因为此时堆栈内存页面无效,压栈直接将导致page fault的发生,而page fault处理程序因不能识别此fault的发生原因从而不能做出正确判断和有效处理。

X64: #define KERNEL_STACK_SIZE 0x6000   /* 6个内存页面 */
X86: #define KERNEL_STACK_SIZE 12288    /* 3个内存页面 */



1, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/100775/en
2, http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms648426(v=vs.85).aspx
3, http://www.reactos.org  ReactOS源码

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以前看过不少月亮,弯的、圆的、明的、暗的,但其大小在记忆中却非常模糊。今天猛然间看到如此个头,真有点吃惊,莫非因为2012,the end of the world ?







More Moon Facts: http://www.moontoday.net/facts.html

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